From delayed reactive medical services to evidence-based Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine.

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EPMA World Congress 2011


16 September 2011

Bonn, Germany


Congress Organisers - Prof. Dr. Olga Golubnitschaja and Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola



  1. Promoting PPPM Editorial (PDF)
  2. Education in PPPM (PDF)
  3. Healthcare overview (PDF)
  4. National international granting (PDF)
  5. PPPM paediatrics (PDF)
  6. PPPM cancer (PDF)
  7. PPPM cardiovasc diseases (PDF)
  8. PPPM diabetes (PDF)
  9. PPPM neurodegenerative diseases (PDF)
  10. General prevention PPPM concepts traditional medicine individual exercise training (PDF)
  11. Personalised diet (PDF)
  12. Inflammation autoimmunity (PDF)
  13. Biomarker discovery validation standardisation application (PDF)
  14. Patient specific modelling bioinformatics in PPPM (PDF)
  15. Biopresenvation biobanking (PDF)
  16. Ethics (PDF)
  17. Congress programme overview (PDF)
  18. Contributing countries (PDF)
  19. List keynote speakers (PDF)
  20. List of delegations (PDF)


































Welcome Address: Lord Mayor of Bonn - Mr. J├╝rgen Nimptsch